Dating agency 'fraud' man Ben Williams sought by police

image captionThe woman met "Ben Williams" twice at a house in Bristol

A man suspected of conning a woman he met via a dating agency out of thousands of pounds is being sought by police.

The woman, from Milton Keynes, lent him £2,500 and also paid out thousands of pounds trying to access money she was told he had left her when he "died".

The man called himself Ben Williams and claimed to be from Bristol and born on 3 January 1959.

Thames Valley Police has urged anyone who knows the man to contact them.

Police said the woman communicated with the man for several months via email, after making contact with him in June 2009, before meeting him at a five-bedroom house with a pool somewhere in Bristol.

She met him at the same location one other time.

Mr Williams told her he travelled frequently for business reasons.

She lent him £2,500 after he claimed he had problems with his bank card while on a business trip.

A few weeks later she received a message from his "business partner" that Mr Williams had died on a trip in Spain and had left her $3.5m (£2.14m).

She followed instructions on how to access this money, paying out thousands of pounds, but never received it.

She became suspicious and reported the incident to police.

Pc Angi Harrell, of Thames Valley Police, said: "The man calling himself Ben Williams also has a Facebook page, where he gives his date of birth as 1 February 1961.

"We are appealing to anyone who recognises the man in the photograph, or who has any information as to his current whereabouts, to come forward and assist with our investigation."

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