Police called to disperse 'street party' in Bristol

Police in Bristol dispersed about 200 revellers in part of Bristol after a party spilled out on to a road.

Officers were called to Cheltenham Road in the early hours of Saturday after reports of people dancing in the road and playing music.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said the gathering had been peaceful but it had caused some disruption.

"I appreciate this took some time [to clear]... but public safety was our primary concern," he said.

"Officers worked to disperse the group and return the area to normal, however I know that this incident has caused some nuisance for people in the area.

"We are committed to making sure the community are safe and able to go about their lives as normal.

"We sought to deal with this incident as swiftly and safely as possible," he added.

In another disturbance in the same area during the Easter weekend some 300 demonstrators were embroiled in running battles with police.

Police raided a squat opposite a controversial Tesco Express store in Stokes Croft because they believed the newly-opened shop was going to be petrol bombed.

More than 160 officers from Avon and Somerset Police and neighbouring forces were involved in the operation.

Another protest took place a week later.

It started peacefully but turned violent. Officers and protesters were injured after rocks and missiles were thrown.

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