Bristol kite record attempt cancelled due to bad weather

Attempts to break the world record for the biggest kite ever flown have been called off at an event in Bristol.

Bristol International Kite Festival organisers decided conditions were too windy for a third try at the record.

To break the record, the kite - which is larger than a football pitch - had to fly for more than 20 minutes.

The first attempt on Saturday failed due to a tear in the kite's tail and on the second try later in the day, the body tore within seconds.


Festival organiser Avril Baker said: "We were delighted we got the kite to fly yesterday, but we're obviously disappointed that we didn't get a chance to go for the world record, particularly for the kite team and all the spectators that were there."

When laid flat, the kite, which is in the shape of a manta ray, has a wingspan of more than 55m (180ft), a body length of 40m (130ft) and an 80m (260ft) tail.

The kite is owned by the Al Farsi family from Kuwait, who also own the current world record holder - a 3D kite in the design of the Kuwaiti flag, which set the record in 2005. It was flown at the Bristol festival a year earlier.

The kite is to be displayed at a kite festival in Holland in two weeks' time. The Al Farsi's have not yet decided whether they will make another attempt at the world record at that event.

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