Yate man died 'wedged in door panel'

A man whose body was found wedged through a 6in-wide bedroom door panel died as a result of an accident, a coroner has said.

Stefano Tardio, 38, of Yate, South Gloucestershire, had a history of both heart and mental health problems, an inquest into his death heard.

Police said they could only speculate that he panicked when he could not open the door and kicked his way through.

A post-mortem examination found Mr Tardio died of heart disease.

The inquest in Flax Bourton heard that Mr Tardio had not been taking his medication when he died at his flat in Station Road.

His sister Andriana went to visit him on 14 November, the court heard, but could not get into the flat because there was a fridge freezer across the door.

'Panic attack'

She called the police who forced their way in and discovered Mr Tardio's body.

Sgt Andrew Hucker said in a statement read to the court that he could see "a broken wooden door with a male's body bent over the door at half way".

PC Mark Neil, who investigated the death, said: "I believe he possibly had a panic attack whilst not being able to get out as the bedroom door was locked, kicked through the panel in an attempt to get out, came out feet first... then got stuck in that position.

"He then managed to kick the fridge freezer with his feet while struggling."

Dr Christopher Collins, who performed the post-mortem examination, said Mr Tardio had bruising to his lower legs and feet, and superficial cuts to his chest and stomach.

He confirmed severe congenital heart disease and said it would not have taken much to induce a major heart "event".

Dr Collins said he could only speculate that Mr Tardio became stuck in the door as "a result of some sort of panic".