Are these the shortest double yellow lines in England?

Short yellow lines
Image caption The double yellow lines in Bristol are less than a metre long

We asked whether a "ludicrous" set of double yellow lines in Bristol were the shortest in England.

They clearly were not, as we have been inundated with photos of even tinier double yellow lines that have left people across the country scratching their heads in confusion.

Here are some of those vying for the title of shortest double yellow lines.

Image copyright Adrian Gray

Adrian Gray photographed these petite double yellow lines in Wareford Lane, Headington, Oxford.

"It is in the middle of a long line of parking spaces, which makes it even weirder," he said.

"I can only guess as they are next to a road sign that there's some legal requirement relating to that sign.

"I was completely flabbergasted when I saw them, as even by the standards of Oxford road markings they are truly, deeply, useless!"

Image copyright Richard Hillsdon

Elsewhere in Oxford, Richard Hillsdon spotted these double yellow lines sandwiched between a free parking bay and residents' parking in Mayfield Road.

"The other side of the pavement is just a wall and the houses and offices in this street where this is have no gardens or access, so it's useless and just wastes money and time," he said.

"They'll come up with some excuse like all the others why they had to do it, but there really isn't any excuse for this, is there?"

Image copyright Charlie Long

Charlie Long sent a photo of tiny double yellow lines used to separate parking bays in Norroy Road, Putney, south-west London - made more amusing by the fact a car is still parked outside of the bay.

"To my mind there was probably a six-hour meeting to decide how parking bays should be separated," said Mr Long.

Marianna Odale in Cambridge is troubled by these double yellow lines outside the Polar Museum in Lensfield Road.

"These have always bothered me," she said.

"They must be less than a foot long. Go figure."

Image copyright Simon Partridge

These double yellow lines photographed by Simon Partridge in Norwich are even smaller.

"I'm sure they can't have taken long to paint," said Mr Partridge.

Image copyright Frank Seabright

Frank Seabright was perplexed when he spotted these double yellow lines in Monmouth Lane, Lostwithiel, Cornwall.

"We thought we could not even park a skateboard on it," he said.

Image copyright Mel Barker

Mel Barker spotted some double yellow lines in Twyford, Berkshire. They were short because they had been painted around a parked car.

"It took over a week to join up the lines after the car had moved," she said.

Image copyright Michael Cook

Michael Cook spotted these short double yellow lines in Northumberland.

"I would have to get the tape measure out, but these have been in Alnwick for a while, along Aydon Gardens," he said.

"You can get a rough idea of the size, though, from the kerb."

Image copyright Julie Husbands

They are not yellow, but these multiple white lines have made Park Road in Winchester "a laughing stock", according to Julie Husbands.

"Never mind yellow lines, here in Winchester we have authorised road graffiti by the council," she said.

"They've put parking bays right around the T junction, over the top of solid white 'no parking' lines, and even in front of garages.

"We must get white paint for free in Winchester. No common sense used at all."

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