Dirty Dancing wedding practice knocks out couple

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Media caption'We were both flat out on the floor'

A couple knocked themselves unconscious practising a lift from classic 1980s film Dirty Dancing for their wedding.

Sharon Price and fiance Andy Price were trying to recreate its final dance scene in a pub garden in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

Mr Price said: "I was concussed. I was out. I ended up in a neck brace and had to have a CT scan.

"We were about 30ft apart and Sharon ran and I grabbed her hips and the next thing we knew we were flat out."

Mr Price said he had a mild heart attack several years ago and so the medical experts were "just being careful" with the tests they ran.

They were discharged from hospital six hours later.

Image caption The couple were about 30ft apart when Sharon started the run up towards her fiance for the Dirty Dancing lift

"Dirty Dancing" began trending on Twitter as news of the couple's mishap spread around the world.

The 1987 film, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, is one of Ms Price's favourite films.

"I've always watched it and me and my daughter watch it, over and over again," she said.

"We thought it would be something different. Everybody else slow dances, so we thought we'd jazz it up a bit."

Image caption Andy said the the next thing he knew they were "flat out on the floor" and he was unconscious

On Saturday, on the "spur of the moment", the couple decided to "get a bit of practice in" and try out the famous Hollywood dance move.

"There was no build up, no warm up and that was it," said Mr Price.

"I think I knocked myself out hitting the floor as hard as I did. I wasn't too aware of what was going on after that."

Ms Price is also unsure: "I can remember running towards Andy and then the next thing just struggling for breath and my back was hurting."

With him "in and out of consciousness" and her conscious but "struggling for breath" - an ambulance and rapid response vehicle were called and the couple were taken to Southmead Hospital.

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Image caption Sharon and Andy were hoping to recreate a scene from the 1987 film, shown here in a stage musical version
Image caption The couple are now going to do a safer slow dance "smooch" when they marry next year

The couple, who coincidentally have the same surnames, said they would rethink their first dance for the wedding.

"I don't think we'll have that one at the wedding, I think we'll go for a traditional slow one and I'll let Andy choose," said Ms Price.

#DirtyDancing was one of the top hashtags in the UK on Twitter earlier.

Worldwide there was a 92% increase in people using the hashtag earlier compared to the previous six hours, according to social media measurement tool Spredfast.

There was also a spike in people searching for Dirty Dancing online with lots of people searching for "Dirty Dancing Bristol".

The story made the news around the world including in Australia, the US and Ireland.

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