Bristol's BT Tower and hangar added to valued list

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Purdown radio mast
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The communications tower, which is close to the M32, is visible for miles

Two Bristol landmarks have been added to the city's list of valued buildings "to preserve their quality, style or historical importance".

The Purdown BT Tower and the Brabazon Hangar at Filton, were nominated by the public as important architectural monuments of the 20th Century.

It means they will be placed on a register providing extra recognition during the planning process.

The Local List recognises buildings and monuments not already listed,

The BT Tower has a number of satellite dishes which relay television, radio and data transmissions through the city and is also home to a number of local radio transmitters.

Image source, YTL
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YTL has proposed a 16,000-seat arena at the former Brabazon hangar at Filton

The Brabazon Hangar at Filton, which was turned down for national designation in 2011, has also been mooted as a possible location for an arena for the city.

The company said it could build a 16,000-seat arena at the former Brabazon hangar but stated it would require new transport links, estimated to cost about £50m, which the council would need to fund.

News of the latest additions to the list has been welcomed by the Twentieth Century Society.

Chairman Bob Hardcastle, said it welcomed Bristol City Council's "outstanding work in recognising the importance of iconic 20th Century buildings in the city by adding them to their Local List".

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