Bristol race activist's daughter makes bid to see mural

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Judith and her dad AudleyImage source, Judith Evans-McIntyre
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Judy Evans-McIntyre had no idea of her dad's racial equality campaigning until she was contacted by the BBC last year

The daughter of a race campaigner is fundraising to visit the UK for the first time, to see a new mural dedicated to her father's work.

Judy Evans-McIntyre's father Audley was part of the group behind the Bristol Bus Boycott, which eventually led to the first race equality laws in the UK.

Judy, who now lives in Florida, had no idea about her father's role as a race campaigner in the UK until she was contacted by the BBC last year.

"I'm so proud of him," she said.

Ms Evans-McIntyre was born in Canada after her father emigrated. He died in 1991.

Audley Evans' mural is one of seven honouring key figures in Bristol's black history.

"I was floored, I had no idea. I just could not believe it," Ms Evans-McIntyre said.

"Here in the USA we celebrate Martin Luther King for his contribution to civil rights, and I have my own personal civil rights activist in my family right here."

Image source, Judith Evans-McIntyre
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Mr Evans worked as an engineer on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad when he emigrated to the USA.

Ms Evans-Mcintyre has been receiving regular updates from the artist who painted the mural, Michele Curtis.

"Judy just makes me cry every time I speak to her," said Ms Curtis.

"Her father never spoke about it, and I think he didn't feel it was a big deal, the race campaigners at the time did it because it was the right thing to do."

Image source, Michele Curtis
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Mr Evans' mural sits on the corner of Ashley Road and Norrisville Road in Bristol, near to where he used to live.

When she posted about the mural on Facebook, friends of Ms Evans-McIntyre began a fundraiser for her to travel from Florida to see it in person.

"Even the plane ticket alone is way out of my league," she said.

"Dad was always helping people, it was just his nature. I loved my father so much, and I miss him so much, and I had no idea he was so awesome."