Thousands attend Bristol community Iftar

Iftar crowds
Image caption A section of St Mark's Road in Easton was closed to allow the crowds to fill the streets

Organisers say up to 6,000 people attended a grand Iftar meal held for the community in Easton, Bristol.

The event began as a direct response to the terror attacks in Manchester in 2017.

Those behind the Iftar wanted to share their faith and food with the wider community, and promote a greater understanding of Islam.

The Iftar meal is eaten by Muslim families after sunset, and breaks the daytime fasting during Ramadan.

Image caption Tehseen Majothi said she did not know how big her pan was, but that "two people could sit in it"
Image caption Hundreds of vegetarian samosas were also cooked for the crowd
Image caption Easton has a diverse population, and the event has become known for bringing people of all backgrounds together
Image caption The event has inspired similar ones in Chicago, Sydney and New York, according to organisers

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees hailed the "amazing sight" on Twitter.

The event has doubled in size each year it has been held.

It is estimated that 160 kg of rice was given out as part of the meals, served on St Mark's Road.

Image caption The event was centred around the Easton Jamia Masjid mosque in Easton, Bristol
Image caption The fast was broken shortly after 21:15