Bristol wildflower verge cutting defended

Grass verge
Image caption A small strip of wildflowers does remain but all the long grasses have been mowed

Criticism has been levelled at Bristol City Council over its approach to cutting verges planted with wildflowers to promote wildlife.

A 100m stretch on St Lukes Road was planted with grasses and wildflowers but 98 per cent of it has been mowed.

Resident Simon Hoebeck said: "It is frustrating because down the road there are overgrown bushes which reduce visibility and need cutting down."

The council said it needs to mow verges otherwise litter collects in them.

The mowing of the verge has prompted criticism from the Totterdown Residents Environmental and Social Action Group (TRESA) which questioned why the verges were cut.

Only a small strip of wildflowers remain along St Lukes Road.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: "The area on St Luke's Road is a grass verge that's scheduled to be cut about eight times a year.

"We often start cutting this area later due to the flowering primroses, but this year it was left longer because of the wet weather and the steepness of the slope.

"If the verge is left to grow too long, we get problems with litter collecting in the long grass. We have designated meadow areas in the city and one of these wild flower areas has been left within the cut verge.'

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