Solo 45 trial: Grime artist says rough sex was consensual

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Andy Anokye
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Andy Anokye, who is from London but had a flat in Bristol, denies all of the charges against him

A musician accused of rape and false imprisonment by four women insists the allegations relate to consensual sex, a court has heard.

Andy Anokye, 32, who performs as Solo 45, is on trial at Bristol Crown Court. He denies 31 charges, including 22 of rape and five of false imprisonment.

Defending, Sally O'Neill QC said the women had "full knowledge" of the type of sex Mr Anokye liked to engage in, and agreed to participate.

The trial continues.

During the trial, which began in November, jurors watched videos filmed by the defendant that allegedly show the attacks.

'Adult women'

In the defence closing speech Ms O'Neill said a number of the videos were "key to the case".

Police contacted three of the women featured in the footage after one woman alleged that she had been raped by Mr Anokye.

"None of them wanted to come forward, until they were told by the police that if they didn't say that what was on the videos was non-consensual, and support a prosecution, the videos could be used by the defence," Ms O'Neill said.

"In that scenario, the videos would be out there for all to see.

"It is hardly surprising that in those circumstances, they caved and said it was non-consensual."

'Rape game'

Ms O'Neill said the videos showed "rough, sometimes unpleasant but importantly, consensual, sexual activity".

She described the four complainants as "independent, adult women" who were operating on a "level playing field" with Mr Anokye.

"It is undoubtedly the case that some of the extreme behaviour in those films is his idea," she said.

"What we have watched may make some of us cringe, but it doesn't make it non-consensual."

During his evidence Mr Anokye referred to a "rape game" that he played, and spoke of dacryphilia, which is sexual arousal from tears.

Mr Anokye was arrested in 2017 after a woman claimed she had been raped at his waterfront apartment in Bristol.

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