Woman's fatal flesh-eating bug mistaken for allergy

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A review is taking place after a woman who was told she had hay fever died two days after visiting an NHS walk-in clinic.

Evelyn Crawford, 69, of Welland, died on Saturday after contracting the rare flesh-attacking bacterial infection necrotising fasciitis (NF).

On Thursday, she went to the walk-in centre in Peterborough's Thorpe Road and was told to take hay fever tablets.

Peterborough NHS Trust said a review into what happened would take place.

Necrotising fasciitis is a bacterial infection which attacks the soft tissue and can be treated with antibiotics.

Mrs Crawford had complained of a swollen face and lips and had difficultly opening her eyes.

Her daughter found her slumped on the floor of her home on Friday and she was taken to hospital where she died in intensive care.

Mrs Crawford's son-in-law Steve Hammond said NF should have been diagnosed earlier.

He added: "Anyone would look at her and say something was wrong, it was not hay fever, and you need to go and get proper medical treatment."

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