Peterborough homeless deaths prompt appeal bid

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A street pastor has begun a campaign to open a centre for young homeless people in Peterborough following the recent death of a well known homeless woman.

Antony Slack, who was himself homeless, wants to raise awareness of the plight of young people on the streets.

Big Issue seller Andrea Lenaghan, 29, died from pleurisy.

Mr Slack wants to raise £1m to open an enterprise centre for young people with skills who cannot find a job because of a history of substance abuse.

'In a mess'

Mr Slack, who has been working with homeless people for 15 years, said: "My life was a mess many years ago and some people helped me so it's pay back time.

"I see so many kids out there that are in a mess and I am fed up with burying them - I have buried too many lately."

Andrea Lenaghan's sister Kirsty said those on the streets needed to know help was available.

She said: "We need to make people aware that there is light at the end of the tunnel and they can get the services and help they need and also confidence building to make them realise they are capable of getting back to where they were."

Mr Slack said that drugs and alcohol were problems for young people from every level of the community in Peterborough.

"We can help them develop their skills in to a business with a building of our own.

"We hope we can get 1m people to give us a £1 each to fund it and we are setting up a collection scheme to try to achieve this starting this week at Peterborough market."

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