Trumpington park and ride travellers' eviction threat

Travellers occupying a park and ride site have been served notice to quit by Cambridgeshire County Council.

The group of four families in caravans arrived at Trumpington park and ride on Monday and on Wednesday was given 24 hours notice to quit.

A barrier at the site was breached, a council spokesman said.

Three families remain but because of the bank holidays it could be two weeks before a court order can be obtained to evict them, the council added.

A council spokesman said: "They're not causing any nuisance and we are working as hard as possible to remove them from the site."

It introduced barriers in 2009 to prevent caravans and other large vehicle using the sites.

Its spokesman said before that there had been an average of four such incidents a year.

This was the first since 2009, he added.

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