Cambridgeshire 'ready for winter' with extra grit

An extra 6,000 tonnes of salt has been purchased by Cambridgeshire County Council to grit roads this winter.

It now has 16,000 tonnes of grit and access to a further 3,000 tonnes shared with the Highways Agency.

Conservative councillor Steve Criswell said the salt had been bought early in order to "get ahead of the game" and avoid high January prices.

Although the council has had to rent storage, it says it has still saved a "huge amount of money" by buying early.

Mr Criswell said: "Winter does seem to be starting later, but this time last year we had a covering of snow.

"We just want to reassure people that we're ready for when it does come.

"Last year we bought in extra grit as well, but buying it in January isn't the best price.

"There's always a premium to pay when the weather is colder and grit is in short supply, so this year we're being pro-active and buying at the cheapest time."

He said the council now had the same amount of salt in stock as it used last year.

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