Cambridge Airport reinstates scheduled flights

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Cambridge Airport interior
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The airport is hoping to expand its European short-haul flights

The first scheduled flight for more than five years is due to take off later from an airport in Cambridgeshire.

The hour-long flight to and from Jersey will operate every Saturday until mid-September from Cambridge Airport.

The new route will be run by Channel Islands-based airline, Blue Islands.

The airport is hoping to expand its European short-haul operations, including flying to Dole-Jura hear Dijon in France starting on 2 July.

Archie Garden, director of the airport, said: "Our plans were starting passenger services next year, so this has come a year earlier than anticipated.

"We have all read the horror stories of long delays at major airports and I can tell you there is nothing better than using a local regional airport.

"Not more than about 30-45 minutes in the terminal at Cambridge, both arriving and departing, is a remarkable contrast to the time spent in the terminals of much bigger airports."

Cambridge Airport is part of the Marshall Group, a private family business.

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