Cambridgeshire flood: Stranded drivers face prosecution

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Media captionA fresh surge is expected on the River Nene at Wansford later in the week

Drivers in Cambridgeshire who flout flood warning signs and get stuck in deep water could face prosecution.

They were urged to obey signs after several vehicles ran into trouble.

Police and fire crews have had to rescue stranded motorists distracting them from other duties, the Cambridgeshire force said.

"Routes have been closed off with signs and cones but it appears some drivers [ignore] these or even move them out of the way," Insp Iain Clark said.

"We are having to deploy resources to rescue stricken motorists and that is taking them away from other duties.

"These road signs are there for a reason, any motorist caught ignoring them will be prosecuted."

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to stay safe on the roads and follow diversion signs.

In the county, flooding has been reported at Wansford, Whittlesey and Earith, the Environment Agency said.

Narrowboat sunk

At The Haycock Hotel at Wansford its cellar flooded after water seeped through the soil from the nearby overflowing river.

Employee Shaun Muir said they have been pumping about three to four inches of water out for the last 24 hours.

Image caption The embankment has flooded along the River Nene at Peterborough

He said: "It was a shock seeing it all come in.

"We've never really seen the floods this high, but it has certainly brought out the neighbourly village spirit."

Andy Wilkinson from the Environment Agency said 12 properties had been flooded in the area along the River Nene, but most of the affected areas were the properties' gardens.

He said 100mm (4in) of rain had fallen on Wansford since last Wednesday, but river levels had reduced by 1ft (0.3m) since Tuesday night.

A second heavy trench of water is expected to flow through the village on Thursday and Friday, he said.

Elsewhere, a narrowboat has sunk along the Peterborough embankment, the Environment Agency said, but no-one was on board.

Flood warnings remain in place along the River Nene and Ouse in Cambridgeshire and the agency is urging people to check their website for updates.

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