Kittens in two-day drain rescue in Cambridgeshire

Stinky (left) and Rosie, the rescued kittens
Image caption Stinky (left) and Rosie are said to be doing well after their ordeal

Two feral kittens spent two days stuck in a cavity wall and a drain in an agricultural unit before being rescued by Cambridgeshire Fire Service.

A manager at agricultural firm G's Growers, in Barway, heard them crying on Sunday but could not locate them.

On Monday an RSPCA officer and engineers broke through the wall to rescue one. The fire service was called the next day to break into the drain.

Image caption Mr Rozycki said after a few hours the kittens were sleeping happily together

"Stinky" the drain kitten, and "Rosie" have been adopted by the manager.

Adam Rozycki, who runs the company's UK harvest operations, said he was worried when he heard the kittens, but as he could not work out where they were, hoped they would find their own way out.

When they were still there the next day, he informed the RSPCA, and put a call out to the company's engineers asking if any could help.

"It's an incredibly busy time with harvesting, but when I said we had kittens trapped in the building, people just dropped what they were doing," Mr Rozycki said.

They had to break through the wall to rescue one kitten, which was trapped in the cavity.

However, efforts to rescue the other kitten from a deep drain failed, but the following day the fire service arrived and rescued it within 45 minutes.

"We have no idea how they came to be there, and there is no sign of their mother," Mr Rozycki said.

The kittens are now being looked after by his daughters.

"I was told the black one is a girl, so we named her Rosie as my surname means rose," he said.

"We're not sure what Stinky is yet."

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