Acid warning after Harston A10 chemical spill

Motorists are being warned there might be small quantities of acid on their vehicles after a chemical spill on the A10 in Cambridgeshire.

Firefighters were called to the road in Harston after a member of the public spotted a burst five litre (one gallon) petrol can leaking a "strange" liquid.

They tested the substance and determined it was a small amount of concentrated acid.

It is not known where the container came from.

Crews used absorbent granules to try to soak up the liquid, which had already started to eat through the tarmac.

Bruce Parcell, station commander for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, said: "If anyone has driven through this liquid, they may have small quantities of the acid on their car.

"We would advise motorists to put on some robust gloves and spray their car with detergent and try and remove the residue."

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