Braille computer stolen from elderly Peterborough blind woman

A blind woman has described thieves who stole her Braille computer from her Peterborough home as "beyond contempt".

Thieves broke into the elderly victim's home on Wednesday night as she slept, taking the computer, a television, a radio and her handbag.

"I don't think they even stopped to think of the consequences," she said.

Cambridgeshire Police said the Braille Sense mini-computer was useless to anyone who could not read Braille.

Det Con David May, said: "The victim relies on this piece of equipment and is devastated as this item is worthless to anyone else.

"There is a chance the burglars may have already dumped the unwanted items so we would ask people to check their gardens and bins."

The 63-year-old woman said the computer, which is black, contained work she had been doing for an Open University law degree.

"I just hope someone realises its value to me and I get it back, as I cannot afford to replace it," she said.

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