Road resurfacing around Cambridge cars 'ridiculous'

'Botch job' resurfacing on Montreal Road, Cambridge
Image caption Workmen were forced to resurface around cars as many were not moved in time for work to start

Residents who witnessed their road being resurfaced around parked cars, leaving large gaps, have described the work as a "botch job" and "ridiculous".

Workmen resurfacing Montreal Road in Cambridge carried out the work despite many cars being parked on the road.

The job will not be completed until September, residents have been told.

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said it was "not unusual" for this to happen and "every effort" was made to warn drivers in advance.

Image caption One resident said many drivers that parked on the road used the railway station

Signs were put up notifying people about the work, but despite some cars remaining, the workmen continued resurfacing, resident Jonathan Ford said.

Mr Ford said it looked like the workmen had just used up their leftover tarmac and said he thought there was "no point" in them doing it because there were "a lot worse bits in Cambridge".

He said thought the culprit cars were probably owned by railway station users and said the road lacked parking enforcement.

Another resident said the gaps looked "ridiculous" but said people were given more than enough warning to move their vehicles.

Image caption Large spaces had to be left as they were because of parked cars

A third resident called it a "botch job", but said they were not surprised the workmen could not complete the task because so many cars parked on the road.

A county council spokesman said a national contractor carried out the work and it was "not unusual" for them to have to miss spaces because of parked vehicles.

He said it was cheaper for the taxpayer for the workmen to do as much work as possible and then finish it off at a later date, than to abandon the job completely.

He added that "every effort" was made to warn residents, with large signs, flyers on car windscreens and people knocking on doors.

Image caption A woman who lived on the road said the resurfacing was "ridiculous"

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