Cambridge University kidney beans in library confusion

Bag of kidney beans Image copyright St John's College
Image caption Library staff are trying to reunite the bag of beans with its rightful owner

A Cambridge University college is trying to find the owner of a large bag of red kidney beans.

The 1kg (2.2lb) bag of beans is just one of a number of items on a growing lost and found list compiled by staff at St John's College library.

A spokesman said students tended to "live in the library" in the run-up to exams and "leave quite a few bits and pieces which we try to return".

Glasses, socks and inhalers were "not as confusing as kidney beans", he said.

The bag of beans has joined a display in the library which includes gloves, T-shirts and a spotted tie.

Image copyright St John's College
Image caption The college said it tried to make the library a "home from home" for students

A DVD of Pan's Labyrinth, inhalers, prescription glasses and keys are also waiting to be reunited with their owners.

Chocolate in book

"The weirdest thing we've found this year is probably the packet of kidney beans. Perhaps someone was planning on making a chilli," the college spokesman said.

"In the past we've also found cough syrup stashed behind books and tinned fish in tomato sauce.

"Someone also once dyed their hair in the downstairs toilet. Given that the wash basin is extremely small, it was a fairly difficult and, as it turned out, ill-advised operation."

He added: "We're still puzzling over the kidney beans, though."

St John's is not the only college to discover more than just books in their library.

Image copyright Newnham College
Image caption Last summer bars of chocolate were found inside a book in Newnham College library

Last summer staff at Newnham College were left scratching their heads when they discovered chocolate bars stashed inside a hollowed-out book with a message inviting the finder to eat them and replace them for the next hungry student.

Newnham's sweet-toothed benefactor has never been found.

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