Cambridgeshire police staff injury claims revealed

Cambridgeshire police headquarters in Huntingdon
Image caption Cambridgeshire Police revealed the injuries in a Freedom of Information request

Dog bites, a collapsing desk and "stepping in a deep hole" have caused injuries to police staff that have led to compensation claims, a freedom of information request has revealed.

Cambridgeshire Police revealed there had been 16 claims since 2010 including six trips or falls and two bites.

One person had a window shut on their finger and another got an eye injury while dismantling a cannabis factory.

The force has paid out more than £20,000 in the five-year period.

The force said seven claims were successful but it could not reveal which due to the Data Protection Act.

One claim was listed as "desk was raised up on pieces of wood under legs which slipped".

Another of the declared injuries involved a "needle stick", which the force did not elaborate on.

'Things go wrong'

Affected personnel included seven police officers, one PCSO, one special constable and seven members of of police staff.

Shaun Ryan from the Cambridgeshire Police Federation said he saw the small number of claims as a "positive thing".

"Officers should be confident that as far a possible the environment they are asked to work in is safe for them," he said.

"When things go wrong however, it is only right that officers have an avenue of recourse as anyone else would have."

In 2013, it emerged Norfolk police officer Kelly Jones sought compensation for injuries sustained when she tripped from a kerb. She later withdrew the claim.

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