Wilburton tractor and trailer crash badly damages house

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Media captionA tractor and trailer has crashed into a house in Wilburton village, Cambridgeshire for the second time in four years.

A house has been badly damaged in Cambridgeshire after being hit by a tractor and trailer.

The crash happened on Sunday at about 09:00 BST on the A1123 in the centre of Wilburton village.

It is believed the tractor was towing a laden muck-spreader when it crashed into the house.

Investigations are continuing into the crash that blocked part of the High Street. In January 2011 a carrot tractor crashed into the house.

Image copyright Niki Devine
Image caption The trailer that blocked the road has now been removed
Image copyright Niki Devine
Image caption The tractor and trailer crashed into the side and front of the house and bent a lamppost
Image copyright Google
Image caption The house was rebuilt in 2011 after a carrot tractor and trailer crashed into it damaging the front and side

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