Cambridge police chase driver crashes after stinger used

Car crashed at building site Image copyright @FixMiltonRoad
Image caption The site where the crash happened is due to be turned into flats

The driver of suspected stolen car crashed after police deployed a stinger device during a chase.

The crash happened at a building site about 19:30 BST on Monday in Water Lane in Chesterton, near Cambridge.

Officers spotted the vehicle in a nearby street and the stinger was deployed to stop it.

No-one was injured but the occupants fled the scene, Cambridgeshire Police said.

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Taxi driver Muhammad Khan, who saw part of the pursuit, said two police vehicles were chasing the car near a railway crossing on nearby Fen Road.

Image caption The occupants of the car fled the scene after the crash, police said
Image caption Police believe the vehicle had been stolen

"The car was coming really fast and police threw a stinger," he said.

"The tyres were flattened, but I didn't see it crash as it was going in the opposite direction to me."

Stingers can be deployed by police officers, who have been given senior authorisation, after drivers fail to stop when required to do so - resulting in a pursuit, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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