Inflatable Darth Vaders in Feel the Force charity theft

Inflatable Darth Vader toy Image copyright Bladez Toyz
Image caption The items were to raise funds for this year's charity event on 30 September

Six inflatable Darth Vaders, a Star Trek Klingon gun and Doctor Who sonic screwdrivers are among items stolen from a charity ahead of a special event for people with disabilities.

The toys were stolen from the 1st Sensory Legion Charity, which was storing them in a Peterborough garage.

They were to be used to raise funds for its Feel the Force Day event, an annual sensory sci-fi convention for people with disabilities.

The items were worth about £1,000.

The Feel the Force Day event started in Peterborough in 2013 with 20 deafblind adults who wanted to learn about Star Wars.

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The charity which runs it now holds three events each year, attracting 32,000 people from across the UK.

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Image caption Star Wars characters such as C-3PO turn up at the annual sci-fi conference

However, plans have hit a setback after the break-in at the garage in Westwood between 7 and 11 August, where the toys were being temporarily stored.

"Thieves not only made off with all the items we had planned on using for fundraising to help cover the costs of the next event, but also took various items we were looking to add to our sensory touch tables," co-founder Simon Howard said.

The six inflatable radio-controlled Darth Vaders were worth about £50 each, and other items taken include "beanie" toys, Doctor Who and Hot Wheels toys, an interactive DeLorean Back to the Future car and a "pair of googley eyes in a white and green box".

But they did leave a 5ft-tall Dalek behind.

Image copyright Simon Howard
Image caption Thieves ransacked the garage taking all the items which were to be used to raise funds for the event - and leaving this mess

"The stolen items may not have a high financial value, but they are of enormous value to this organisation in supporting people," Mr Howard added.

Feel the Force Day uses toys and props, tactile costumes and smell jars to help include those with disabilities, additional needs and sensory impairments in film and TV culture.

Cambridgeshire Police has confirmed it is investigating the theft.

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Image caption Alexander, pictured in 2014 at the age of two meeting Chewbacca from the Star Wars films, still regularly attends the events

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