Peterborough Pets at Home 'sliced dog's tongue'

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Image caption Cockapoo Marley was attending a routine grooming appointment at Pets at Home

A dog owner says he is "distraught" after his cockapoo's tongue was allegedly sliced by a groomer.

Marley was injured during a routine appointment at Pets at Home in Bretton, Peterborough, on 11 December.

Mike Corry said the groomer admitted "accidentally" cutting the dog's tongue while trimming its facial hair, but had been given the all-clear by the vet.

Mr Corry claims Marley has been left "badly injured". Pets at Home has been approached for comment.

The retired 63-year-old said although the cut did not remove any of the muscle, it appears as though part of the right-hand side of the tongue is missing when extended.

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Image caption The store, in Bretton, Peterborough, has been approached for comment

Mr Corry said when he collected 20-month-old Marley and his other dog Monty, the shop told him what had happened.

"After some small talk one of the assistants told me that the groomer had accidentally cut Marley's tongue as she was trimming his facial hair," he said.

"She said they took Marley to their vet next door who said he should be OK."

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He said he noticed Marley bleeding from the mouth but left "thinking it wasn't serious" and only two days later saw the tongue was "badly damaged".

"We were distraught, upset and extremely angry that this incident was described as a 'nick '. It most certainly wasn't," he said.

Mr Corry said he and his wife Mary took the injured dog to the vet on Friday, who "understood why we were so upset after examining Marley".

He shared a picture of the cut on Facebook, which has been shared more than 8,000 times, and said he has found the reaction "overwhelming".

The former Royal Mail worker added Marley "doesn't appear too bothered" but may have to adjust his eating.

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Image caption Marley with Mike and Mary, with their other dog Monty

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