Cornwall's agricultural chaplain joins milk price plea

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Two Church of England bishops have joined forces to call on the major supermarket chains not to cut the price of milk.

The Bishops of Exeter and Wakefield have called on the government to appoint an adjudicator for the sector.

Rev Roger Greene, agricultural chaplain for Cornwall, said the issue was causing hardship for many farmers.

Supermarkets insist they are prepared to listen to the industry's concerns and point to recent price rises.

But a report by the National Farmers Union (NFU) earlier this month claimed dairy farmers were still losing, on average, more than three pence on every litre of milk they produce.

Rev Greene said: "A lot of farmers are facing the fact that if things carry on like this they will have to give up the job and it's a job they love.

"They are receiving less than everything is costing them and their costs are going up all the time."

NFU dairy board chairman Mansel Raymond said: "I'm seriously worried that for many dairy farmers it could be too little, too late."

Supermarkets insist farmers are benefiting from the recent price increase and that they are prepared to listen to the industry's concerns.

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