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The Road Ahead: Potholes in Cornwall

image captionPotholes are a major headache for Cornwall's motorists
The bitterly cold weather earlier this winter caused many headaches for people in Cornwall.
Although we've been experiencing milder weather for several weeks, one reminder of the cold snap still remains on some of Cornwall's roads.
The sudden plummet in temperatures, and subsequent thaw led to many potholes appearing in the county's road network.
Now the Department for Transport has given councils in England an extra £100m to repair the potholes caused by the harsh winter weather.
Overall local road maintenance budgets are being cut. The AA estimates that billions of pounds are needed to restore all our roads to their former glory.
The BBC has been researching how much money is being spent repairing roads across our region following council spending cuts.
The BBC project, The Road Ahead, will look at the issue online, on radio and television on Monday, 28 February.

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Take a look at our pictures so far: In Pictures: Cornwall's pot holes
Also on Monday evening on BBC One, Inside Out will be focussing on the region's roads.

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