Cornish fisherman gives 'rarely seen' fish to aquarium

image captionIn the 1970's it was estimated that up to 14,000 red-band fish lived off the coast of Lundy Island

A pair of "rarely seen" red-band fish have been donated to a Cornish aquarium after being accidentally caught in a local fisherman's nets.

Cameron Henry caught the fish two miles south east of St Anthony's Light in Falmouth Bay.

A spokesperson from Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium said the species was "rarely seen" as it remains in its burrow during the day.

The pair will remain on display at the aquarium.

The fish grow up to 80cm (31.5in) in length and normally live in vertical burrows in the seabed.

Blue Reef's Matt Slater said: "They're extraordinary looking fish that definitely seem to be more at home in the Mediterranean than around our shores.

"No one is sure how many there are living in Cornish waters as they are normally very shy," he added.

The pair were caught at the end of March and were kept in quarantine tanks to monitor their health.

They have since been put on display at the aquarium.

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