Providing for the Royal family


With the Royal wedding countdown continuing one man is taking a particular interest in the preparations.

Eric West who lives in East Devon helps to paint the Royal Carriages.

Although he is officially retired Eric's skills are still in demand by the Royal Household.

In the third of our series looking at local people with Royal Warrants, BBC Spotlight's Janine Jansen has been along to meet Mr West. Watch the video above.

The Royal carriages are reputed to be the best in the world.

Eric spent 17 years working in the Mews, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. His favourite job was restoring the Irish State Coach

He said: "I could really get my teeth into that. It became an obsession. No doubt about that.

"After I finished it, I didn't know what to do with myself. Her Majesty came down and thanked me for doing it."

Mr West was given his Royal Warrant when he retired.

He said: "The warrant, I am quite chuffed about. I always remember in my apprenticeship, my foreman said that one day I might be good enough to paint the royal car."

The jewel in the crown is the famous Gold State Coach. It has more than 30 coats of paint.

Eric says: "That's the cream. It's so over the top that it's beautiful. A thousand bits of gold would cost a lot these days.

"They had to tint it down slightly because it was so bright."

The Royal wedding will take place at 11:00 BST at Westminster Abbey on Friday 29 April.

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