Family of five from Newquay fight fire

From left; Luke, Brett, Stan, Andrew and Faye Livingstone
Image caption All Stan Livingstone's children have signed up with the Cornwall Fire and Rescue service in Newquay

Five members of a family from Newquay have signed up with the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service in the town.

Father Stan Livingstone, 51, is a crew manager at Newquay Community Station and has served as a retained firefighter for more than 20 years.

His three sons are now retained fire fighters and daughter Faye, 16, has recently become a fire cadet.

Son Matthew said that their mother gets "quite nervous when all of us have gone out on a big job".

Mr Livingstone's three sons, Matthew, 25, a crew manager with six years' service, Luke, 24, a firefighter for over two years and newly qualified Brett, 22, all work alongside him.

Last month, Mr Livingstone and his eldest son Matthew worked together when they attended the large Falmouth Beach Hotel fire.

'Bell's go down'

Matthew said: "It's really good working with your relatives, you've got your little brothers who you've got to look after, but you've just got to think though, we're there to do a job and serve the community and that's what we focus on."

Mr Livingstone said: "We used to live behind the fire station and they used to watch the firemen all the time, then I joined the service and they wanted to come in with me every time.

"It's great, I'd would come on and know that whenever the bells go down at least three of them are coming in with me," he added.

Luke said the attraction for him is the "big red truck we get to play with. All the hoses and the cutting equipment. Helping and serving the community, it's a real big thing".

Brett said he personally could not think of a "better job to do".

Daughter Faye has now completed the Livingstone set by becoming a fire cadet.

Faye said all her brothers were in the cadets and had told her "how much fun it was".

She said she will not be joining the fire service though, as she would "really like to be a primary school teacher" but that she would "encourage all the children to be cadets".

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