Egypt taxi crash death of Stephen Minors remains mystery

Mystery still surrounds the death of a Cornishman who was killed in a car crash in Egypt four years ago.

Stephen Minors, 52, from Truro, was in Cairo when the taxi he was in collided with another vehicle, killing him, the driver and three others.

The inquest at Truro City Hall was adjourned in August 2012 for further evidence to be gathered from Egypt.

But the coroner said no more documents had been found and she had no choice but to record an open verdict.

Mr Minors had been working for 10 years as a chef at an army base, the inquest was told.

'Very frustrating'

At the resumption of the inquest, Coroner Dr Emma Carlyon concluded Mr Minors had died as a result of the collision.

A pathologist said there was no further information from any authorities in Egypt but a post mortem examination was carried out in the UK as well.

The coroner concluded that, although it was frustrating for all involved, different countries had different laws and rules on how they dealt with car crash deaths.

Mr Minors' family said he had been working at something he loved and he would not want them to hold a grudge against the person who caused the accident.

His son, Nathan, said the family would continue to press for answers about the crash.

"It's very frustrating, we may never know how it happened," he said.

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