'Queen of the Skies' preserved for posterity

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Media captionThe plane circled Newquay Airport several times before landing

One of the last three flying Vickers VC10 jetliners has landed at Newquay airport where it will become part of the Classic Air Force collection.

Known as "the Queen of the Skies", the VC10 was built as a commercial airliner but it has been the mainstay of the RAF's air-to-air refuelling fleet for many years.

The plane circled the Newquay Airport Aerohub before landing.

The Classic Aircraft Trust said it wants to preserve it for posterity.

Trevor Bailey, from the Classic Air Force Aviation Museum, said: "The performance of the VC10 was such that it achieved the fastest jetliner crossing of the Atlantic.

"Only the supersonic Concorde was quicker, and with the retirement of Concorde, the VC10 took over the honour of being the fastest jetliner in the world."

'British design'

The ZA148 'Guy Gibson VC' - named after the Victoria Cross holder who lead the Dambusters mission - will go on permanent display alongside a collection of vintage aircraft.

The plane was built in 1967 and was used by East African Airlines before being bought by the RAF and converted into a troop transport aircraft.

Its graceful 'T-tail' and four rear-mounted Rolls-Royce Conway engines made the "Vickie Ten" one of the most distinctive and elegant aircraft of its era.

Tim Skeet, chairman of the Classic Aircraft Trust, said: "As an example of British design and engineering at its best, it is fitting that one of the last airworthy examples should find a home with the Classic Air Force.

"This is a very significant addition to the collection and an additional attraction at Newquay".

Image caption The VC10 was originally built as a commercial airliner

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