Performance guide for buskers after noise complaints

Image caption The Street Performers Guide recommends music should not be heard more than 20 metres away

Buskers in Truro are being asked to follow new guidelines following complaints about noise.

Advice has been given to only play in the same place for an hour at a time - or half an hour when playing a noisy instrument, like the bagpipes or drums.

Buskers are also asked to vary the songs and conduct soundchecks to make sure they are not too loud.

Cornwall Council said the guide aims to help businesses, shoppers and buskers maintain a "happy relationship".

The council said that while it does not license street performers, it does have a "duty" to ensure street performers comply with laws around sound levels and obstruction.

'Variety and flair'

"We have received complaints about street performers, particularly when the weather is good," said Kevin Bryant, from the council's environmental health team.

"There are many businesses and offices close to the popular busking spots and this guide aims to lessen the impact on them without stopping the performers and denying visitors the enjoyment, variety and flair that street performers bring to the city."

The Street Performers Guide recommends that buskers make sure their music cannot be heard more than 20m (65ft) away.

It also says they should not be a nuisance to the public by asking for money, although donations are acceptable.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the guidelines should help cut the number of complaints.

Insp Mark Richards, from Truro Police Station, said: "Buskers in the city can add a certain character and ambience to the area but the police and council do get occasional complaints sometimes when buskers are excessively noisy or overly aggressive when collecting donations."

The booklet has been produced by Cornwall Council with Truro City Council, Totally Truro and Devon and Cornwall Police.

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