Mobile phone tossed at MP in BBC television studio

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Media captionThe phone was tossed during a recording in a BBC studio in Plymouth

An MP has criticised a Labour election candidate for "totally unacceptable behaviour" after he tossed his mobile phone at her in a BBC TV studio.

The phone was tossed by Michael Foster during a Sunday Politics recording in Plymouth. It hit Cornish Conservative MP Sheryll Murray on the wrist.

It happened during a break in recording when there was a discussion about whose mobile phone was switched on.

Mr Foster said he apologised "if I caused any upset to Sheryll".

'Cack-handed' toss

The two politicians were in the studio to record BBC South West's section of the Sunday Politics show.

Following a heated debate during the recording, the phone was tossed during a break in recording when there was a discussion about a mobile phone being left switched on.

When South East Cornwall MP Mrs Murray suggested it was Mr Foster's phone, the Camborne and Redruth Parliamentary candidate tossed his mobile towards her across a coffee table surrounded by three people and a presenter, to prove he was not to blame.

Mrs Murray said it was "quite a shock".

Mr Foster, who is standing in the marginal seat of Camborne and Redruth, said: "In attempting to demonstrate that my phone was not at fault for interrupting the interview, I cack-handedly tossed my phone to Sheryll Murray across the coffee table. The footage clearly demonstrates this.

"I do, however, wish to apologise, as I did at the time, if I caused any upset to Sheryl.

"I have asked the BBC to release the footage so anyone can judge for themselves."

Image caption Sheryll Murray (left) complained after Michael Foster (second right) tossed the phone (highlighted)

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