Penzance mourns loss of much-loved supermarket cat

Milo in the supermarket Image copyright Emma Barnes
Image caption It is believed Milo was hit by a car

Residents of a seaside town are mourning a local cat who found celebrity status when he took up residence in a supermarket.

Eighteen-month-old Milo belonged to the Barnes family, who live across the road from the Tesco store in Penzance.

Although he headed home to them each night for tea, he spent his days in the foyer of the shop, attracting a large social media following.

It is believed he died after being hit by a car on Saturday.

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Image copyright Emma Barnes
Image caption Milo attracted legions of fans

Milos's owner Emma Barnes, 24, said she first realised her young cat was a fan of the supermarket when he disappeared for seven weeks.

He was eventually discovered in a village more than nine miles away from the town.

Ms Barnes said she thinks he must have climbed inside a Tesco delivery van.

She said customers and staff took him to their hearts, and he was often found asleep in the foyer of the store.

He once managed to sneak deep into the shop and an announcement was made over the Tannoy, "could someone get Milo from aisle seven?", she added.

Luke Mill, team manager of Tesco Penzance, said: "We were very sad to hear about the passing of Milo who was always a welcome visitor to our store."

Image copyright Emma Barnes
Image caption Milo's owner Emma Barnes said she realised he had a taste for adventure when he was just a kitten

Milo even had his own Facebook page, set up by Ms Barnes who was concerned people might think he was a stray.

Hundreds of people have posted their reaction to his death.

Claire Jolley wrote: "Heart goes out to you, we only recently met him when he got into our car but he was a real character, RIP Milo, love to you and your family xxxxx."

Ms Barnes says she and her two small children were heartbroken, but comforted by the reaction of the community.

"It means the world to me that he was so loved," she said.

Image copyright Emma Barnes
Image caption Customers and staff have paid tribute to Milo on his Facebook page

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