Cornish MP calls for election intimidation clampdown

Defaced poster Image copyright Sheryll Murray
Image caption Swastikas were carved into a campaign poster, and somebody urinated on Sheryll Murray's office door

Social media users should be subjected to the same regulations as the press during election campaigns, a Conservative MP has said.

Sheryll Murray says she was branded a witch on social media, and somebody urinated on her office door during the recent general election campaign.

Swastikas were also carved into a promotional poster in her home constituency of South East Cornwall.

She says the police are investigating the attacks.

'Stop intimidation'

Raising the issue during Prime Minister's Questions, she told Theresa May: "Over the past month I've had swastikas carved into posters, social media posts like 'burn the witch'".

She asked Mrs May: "Can you suggest what can be done to stop this intimidation, which may well be putting off good people from serving in this place?"

The prime minister replied: "I believe this sort of behaviour has no place in our democracy.

"As I stand here and see the plaque that has been dedicated to the late Jo Cox, we should all remember what Jo said - we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than the things which divide us."

Mrs Murray also said people had put photographs online of Labour leaflets outside her home, leaving her concerned that people can find where she lives.

In a later interview, Mrs Murray said: "There are very strict rules around press reporting within an election period.

"Maybe we should look at social media being the same."