St Dennis incinerator: 'Ridiculous' lorry trips to shredder criticised

St Dennis incinerator
Image caption The St Dennis incinerator is sending anything larger than a black bin bag about 23 miles (37km) away to Connon Bridge to be shredded

Waste that is too big for Cornwall's only incinerator is being carted miles across the county to be shredded.

The incinerator can only take items smaller than a black bin bag - so anything larger must be driven about 23 miles (37km) away to Connon Bridge.

Rubbish including 1,000 mattresses a week is ferried from tip to shredder to incinerator.

Cornwall Council said the shredder site was "a trial" and a final decision on the location had yet to be made.

Image caption Janet Haley and Doug Mills said more than 80 lorries, containing about 390 tonnes of waste, came and went from Connon Bridge each week

Residents living near Connon Bridge said more than 80 lorries, containing about 390 tonnes of waste, came and went from the site each week.

Janet Haley said it was "ridiculous" and not environmentally friendly.

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Parish councillor Doug Mills said up to 1,000 mattresses were being shredded there every week.

"It is nonsense," he said. "It should be at the incinerator. It should not be at Connon Bridge."

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The St Dennis incinerator opened in March 2017. Before the shredder arrived, larger items such as mattresses and sofas were sent to landfill.

Councillor Colin Martin said: "It beggars belief that when all these plans were put together eight to 10 years ago, nobody stopped to think that the two should be in the same place."

Image caption Councillor Colin Martin said it "beggars belief" that the plans for the incinerator did not include a shredder

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