Margaret Lobb funeral: Tractor hauls hearse to burial

Image caption Farmer John Piper's tractor hauls the hearse to the burial site

A farmer's tractor was called in to tow a hearse that had become stuck in snow on its way to a burial.

About 400 people were on their way to say farewell to farmer's wife Margaret Lobb, who died aged 71.

But heavy snow prevented the hearse from reaching the burial site at Withiel in Cornwall after a service in nearby St Wenn.

So farming friend John Piper stepped in with a tractor to get the hearse to the burial site.

Image caption Mrs Lobb "may have sent the snow" to make mourners laugh, her family said

Thursday's rescue operation happened as snow caused chaos on Cornwall roads.

Mrs Lobb's daughter, Kate Hosken, said: "We had the service which was absolutely beautiful, with about 300 people there.

"We opened the church door and we could not to believe what we were seeing. It was completely white and we were snowed in.

"It was unbelievable because it had all come down in the space of an hour.

"I think she sent it on purpose to make us laugh instead of cry.

"We're so grateful for everyone's help."

Image caption The hearse was left stuck in the snow

Matthew Hosken, Mrs Lobb's son-in-law, said: "Everybody was dressed up in their glad-rags and they were out pushing cars in their heels and smart shoes.

"They were sopping wet, but that was what the community does.

"It was a bit of chaos but Margaret would have loved it."

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