Coronavirus: Pub landlord installs electric fence around bar

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Johnny McFadden
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Jonny McFadden said some customers had struggled with social distancing after a few drinks

A pub landlord has put an electric fence in front of his bar to encourage customers to keep social distancing.

Jonny McFadden, who runs the Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall, said there was limited space in his bar which only served drinks and no food.

He described the barrier as "just a normal electric fence that you would find in a field".

Asked if it was switched on, Mr McFadden said: "Come and find out - there is a fear factor and it works."

Mr McFadden said he had struggled to get the social distancing message across to some customers in the bar because "when you serve people a drink they change".

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Mr McFadden said the fencing was a normal electric fence such as you would find in a field

He said the fence worked because "people keep away from it, people are like sheep".

He added: "They know it is a fence and don't want to touch it to find out whether it is on or not."

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The Star Inn in St Just is a small pub which only serves drinks

The landlord said his customers were happy with the fencing and it had generated a lot of laughs.

One person who did not see the funny side was Mr McFadden's insurance broker.

"He was a bit worried but then that is what he is there for," he said.

"He rang a nephew of mine and said 'I hope he is not electrocuting people'.

"Well come and find out if I am."