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Coventry may get 'invention' rebrand

Employers, universities and the city council in Coventry are behind plans to rebrand it as the "City of Invention", an organisation says.

The city's image working group, made up of bodies including the Chamber of Commerce and Jaguar, wants to revitalise the city's image.

They want to attract more investment and inspire more confidence in the city, a spokesman said.

Companies are being approached for their opinions and ideas, he added.

'More confidence'

Peter Walters, from the image group, told BBC News: "Coventry is at a real crossroads with the end of the motor industry as a major employer.

"But also, as we're waiting for city centre regeneration, we felt it's time to try and capture a new mood here and devise a proposition that actually means something and has a credibility.

"What this is not, is this year's marketing slogan to be replaced with something else next year.

"There's no big budget behind it we're just trying to get people to think positively and with the regeneration happening and the recession hopefully easing we hope there will be more confidence about the city."

Jaguar still employs 390 people in the city but French car maker Peugeot closed its Ryton plant in 2007 with the loss of about 800 jobs.

Luxury Dutch sports car maker Spyker opened an assembly plant in the city last year and LTI taxis are also produced there.

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