Warwickshire junk-food-diet dog seeks new home

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A kennel in Warwickshire is looking for a new home for a dangerously obese dog whose past diet of fish and chips and roast dinners had put her life at risk.

The Dog's Trust in Honiley said Cassie, an eight-year-old border collie, weighed nine stone - three times the normal weight for her breed.

She was taken into the rehoming centre when her elderly owner became sick.

Staff said Cassie's weight prevented her from acting like a dog as her size meant she could not walk far.

Cassie has been put on a diet and is being treated for sores on her legs.

'Sorry for herself'

Danny Martin, from Honiley Dog's Trust, said: "I know that she's obviously going to go through a hard time over the next few months.

"Hopefully in a few months time she will have lost some weight and be able to have an active life again.

"Our dearest wish is that she will be rehomed."

Cassie was so overweight when she was brought into the centre a few weeks ago that she had to be helped to her feet by staff placing a blanket beneath her, to encourage her to stand up.

She could only walk 10 steps then but has since increased that to 20 steps.

Mr Martin said: "She had been spoilt to the point that it could kill her, but we are a lot more positive about her now.

"This has got to be one of the most extreme cases of dog obesity that I have ever seen.

"I think she is feeling sorry for herself because she just can't act like a dog at the moment because of her weight."

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