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Coventry City fans share their views on the club's future

With Coventry City football club facing a 15-point deduction and part of the club on the brink of liquidation, supporters have been expressing their views on the latest developments.

It follows the news that the club has agreed a ground share with Northampton Town for three seasons amid a dispute with the owners of its current home the Ricoh Arena.

Coventry City FC Ltd went into administration in March following a rent-row with Arena Coventry Limited.

It now faces liquidation after ACL, which runs the Ricoh Arena, rejected a Company Voluntary Arrangement at a creditors' meeting.

'Start from scratch'

Rob Allmond, from Coventry, said the news could have a "massive knock-on effect" for even non-football people.

He said: "We're not exactly the strongest football club, so 15 points is basically going to guarantee us regulation I think.

"It's got to be a rebuilding process… We've got to start from scratch, get SISU out and start again basically.

'Coventry in Coventry'

Emma Sidwell, also from Coventry, wants the club to continue to play in the city.

She said: "It's ridiculous... It's almost political the way it's going, but we need to keep Coventry football club in Coventry otherwise it's not a Coventry football club.

'Sort it out '

Eamon Kinsella, who is originally from Ireland but now lives in Coventry, has supported the club for about 50 years.

He said: "I'm very disgusted with what's going on - it should never have happened.

"I can't see much future for Coventry City the way things are going. What can they do? It's got to be sorted out… As long as Coventry's playing in the city it should be at the Ricoh."

However, he feels the club should never have moved from Highfield Road.

'Taking away opportunities'

Philip Adeola is Nigerian and lives in Coventry. He said he would be "taken aback and surprised" if they had a 15-point deduction.

He said: "I'm pretty disappointed that they aren't going to be in Coventry anymore. It's going to take a lot out of the city as it is… It's going to take away businesses opportunities also.

"I don't know how the club is going to sustain themselves playing at another stadium."

'Damage is done'

Rachael and Mark Taylor from Warwick feel the developments are a "bit sad" and that "it's inevitable" 15 points will be lost.

Mr Taylor said: "You look at it as Coventry City football team, but it's not, there's loads of different people behind the scenes.

"A city with a history of football that Coventry has, for this to happen, I don't think it's really hit home how big an impact [it has].

"You only need to go and look at the stadium and it's fantastic. It was used for the Olympics as one of the venues, now it's gone and done and everyone's got to go down to Northampton to play.

"I think it's a very slippery slope and I really genuinely don't see any way back... I think that the damage is done.

"Coventry's hit a problem and it seems no-one's come to their help. A city the size of Coventry, with the businesses that are here, that nobody's stood up to try to help, it's quite disturbing."

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