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Wimbledon's Centre Court made from 12,000 toothpicks

Toothpick replica of Wimbledon Image copyright Shaminder Singh
Image caption The model has replica balconies, tiers and stairwells as well as the Royal box

A man has built a replica of Wimbledon's Centre Court using 12,000 toothpicks.

Shaminder Singh spent about 40 hours a week, over 10 months constructing it by hand at his home in Coventry.

The 31-year-old forklift truck driver said: "After finishing work in the morning at 06:00 I just have a couple of hours sleep and then I get back on to this."

Mr Singh has offered to auction the model for charity.

Image copyright Shaminder Singh
Image caption The toothpick Centre Court model even has a retracted roof

Construction of the 50cm by 20cm (19.5in by 8in) model began in Mr Singh's living room in Wyken, Coventry, in September 2016.

Details such as the royal box, grand folding roof and corridors were all created using bamboo toothpicks bought from supermarkets.

Image copyright BBC / PA
Image caption Toothpick Wimbledon v the real-deal - spot the difference?

"It's been hard work. Small work and it's taken a lot of time to make it," he said.

Hours were spent scouring the internet for photos of the real Wimbledon to double check the intricate detail as he's never actually seen the building.

"I would like to go but tickets are very expensive," he said.

Image copyright Shaminder Singh
Image caption Shaminder Singh says it's been 'hard work'

The model maker has previously built a tiny Old Trafford and a plastic miniature stadium in memory of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes.

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