Bid to raise £62k to buy Roman coins

image sourceWarwickshire County Council
image captionThe hoard has been with the British Museum for formal identification and valuation

A museum service needs to raise £62,000 to buy a hoard of Roman coins dating back more than 1,900 years.

The hoard of 440 silver denarii coins was uncovered during a 2015 dig at Edge Hill, with 78 coins dating to AD 68-69.

The 78 coins are the largest collection of coins found from a turbulent period where several people were declared emperor, the council said.

All the coins were found buried in a ceramic pot under the floor of a building.

Warwickshire Museum now has four months to raise the money to display the hoard at the Market Hall Museum in Warwick.

Condition of the purchase is that a minimum of £3,000 needs to be raised locally, it added.

The hoard has been with the British Museum for formal identification and valuation.

The county council believes the 78 coins date from the start of the reign of Roman emperor Vespasian and feature the heads of his predecessor emperor "enemies" Galba, Otho and Vitellius. If the coins hadn't been saved, they would have been "recalled and melted down for new Vespasian coins".

"So the coins in the hoard are a rare survival and were probably buried before their official recall to Rome", a spokesman for the council said.

image sourceWarwickshire County Council

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