Children in Cumbria given 'quiet' sponge footballs

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The sponge balls cause less damage than traditional ones

Children in Cumbria are to be given sponge footballs to reduce noise and limit damage during playtime.

A football "amnesty" is taking place in Eden during the summer holidays, with children being asked to hand in their conventional balls to the police.

It is hoped that the softer balls will reduce reports of noise and accidental damage to windows.

The initiative is a joint venture between Cumbria Police and Eden Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

A Cumbria Police spokeswoman said: "Through the use of new foam balls rather than traditional hard leather balls, it is hoped that young people will not cause a nuisance to neighbours.

"They are a great alternative for youngsters who want to play sports in areas where noise and damage may be an issue.

"I would urge children and their parents to visit their local police station to pick one up."

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