Festival-goers take up chlamydia tests

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Luxury toilets at Kendal Calling Festival
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More than 750 young people took up the offer of a free test at the festival

Hundreds of young people who attended a music festival in Cumbria took up the offer of a test for a sexually-transmitted infection.

NHS Cumbria installed luxury toilets at the Kendal Calling event for those who agreed to be tested for chlamydia.

In total 765 people aged between 15 and 24 were tested - around one in 10 of all the festival-goers.

Chlamydia, which often shows no symptoms but can lead to infertility, is easily treated with antibiotics.

Jane Muller, NHS Cumbria's associate director of public health, said: "Nearly all the young people we spoke to at the festival about taking the test thought it was a good idea to offer this sort of service at a music festival.

"It was also extremely encouraging that so many people understood the impact that chlamydia can have on their health if left untreated."

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