Horses used in Silecroft beach art project in Cumbria

A stretch of Cumbrian beach is to be used as an artist's canvas.

Everton Wright has enlisted the help of about 20 horses and riders for his Walking Drawings project at Silecroft beach, near Millom, later.

Before the riders arrive, he will use a garden tool to create a "visual installation" on the beach. They are then filmed walking on the artwork.

Mr Wright plans to repeat the process on Thursday with people walking on the sand instead of horses.

'Quite beautiful'

The artist, who is known as Evewright, said he had chosen Silecroft beach because he wanted to work with Cumbrian Heavy Horses, an equestrian centre which is based in the area.

He said: "What happens is, I do the drawing using a garden rotavator to create a visual installation on the beach and then ask volunteers to come and walk the drawing.

"We film the process, so it's quite artistic in that way.

"People become part of the drawing, essentially.

"It will be in colour, everyone will be dressed in different colour macs, so it will be quite beautiful to see."

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