Tourism worth £330m to Carlisle

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Visitors spend money at attractions such as Carlisle Castle

Tourists contribute more to the economy of Carlisle than previously believed, new figures have shown.

It is calculated that the eight million visitors bring in £330m to the city every year, earlier estimates put the sum at about £120m.

The way the value of tourism is calculated has changed and now takes into account changes in lifestyle trends and the appeal of a destination.

About 4,000 jobs are connected to tourism in the city and its surrounds.

The £330m includes spending on a range of things such as accommodation, food and drink, visitor attractions, recreation, shopping, travel, parking and events.

Marie Whitehead, director of Carlisle Tourism Partnership, said: "The new figures are the most robust, the most up-to-date and the most rigorously tested that we can have and are independently produced."

She added: "We have always believed that Carlisle is worth shouting about and can become a major player in tourism not just in Cumbria but in the region."

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